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There are thousands of reasons behind a Slow Computerproblem. A Slow Computerissue is actually related to direct performance of your PC. If a PC is slow this means performance is poor. A computer may be infected or due to poor hardware specification a Slow PC issue can also be found. I want write down few very basic and important reasons that make a Slow Computerissue very often and also how to curb these factors so that we can enjoy an uninterrupted PC service.

Virus infection- A virus can damage a computer to a maximum extent and which affects your computer’s performance and resulting in slow operations all the time irrespective of any task you perform. I have seen many times a virus can create such a huge problem in a PC so that you only need to format your PC and this is the last option left. A virus can stop all the existing process also. To avoid a virus infection in your computer you need to use an updated antivirus program plus use safe browsing always.

Spyware infection- Like virus a spyware program can also harm your PC severely and affects PC’s overall performance so that you cannot perform your usual task. There is a slight difference in a virus and spyware’s functionality or intention. Unlike a virus program a spyware usually do not harm your computer but it steals important information from your PC and sends it back to the intended source where the information such as bank details, username and password details etc can be used for some illegal task. Run some anti spyware program to fix any spyware in your computer.

Poor hardware specification- Hardware specification is also one of the possible causes behind a slow computer. If any program is not meeting proper hardware specification it is inevitable that the performance of a computer will go down and you also cannot perform a desirable operation you want to do. Also there is no alternate for any hardware defects or hardware changes. Thus make sure you have updated hardware specification installed and they are working fine.

Bad or corrupt drives installed in your computer- If there are some bad or corrupted drivers installed in your PC, they create huge problems many times such as blue screen of death, freezing issue, Slow PC and many such issues. Check for any such bad or corrupt drivers if installed in your computer.

More than one antivirus program installed in PC- I have seen people install many antivirus program freeware and paid one in order to fix Slow Computer issue or to enhance performance of a PC. If there are more than one antiviruses installed in a PC they conflict and create many issues in a PC. Performance of a computer system gets affectedly severely and resulting in slow performance of the PC. If it is a case with you please just uninstall other antivirus than one.

Check your firewall’s settings- Firewall protects a computer from external attacks and it works as a guard system in any PC. Sometime a firewall may cause a Slow Computer issue because it stops many programs when they try to run in the PC.

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