A Notebook Computer For Every Lifestyle

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These days, notebook computers come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations : From budget-friendly student editions to potent gaming machines and from everyday workhorses to ultra-thin business computers, your lifestyle and computing wants will help you decide which portable is the best for you.

The Everyday Notebook User
If you are the everyday user, you want a machine that does doubleor even tripleduty. You may spend several hours on the internet shopping or skimming social marketing sites, but your notebook also has to be dynamic enough for professional quality word processing, spreadsheets, and the rest, when the occasion demands. A midrange portable that provides a 15-inch or larger display, an entry-level processor, an inbuilt Web cam, and integrated wireless
Connectivity will usually get the job done for you.

Ultra-Thin For Business & Convenience
Ultra-thin notebooks offer firstrate portability : many of these notebook computers are only an inch or so tall and weigh in at less than 5 pounds. Still, these slim machines pack in the features : Most offer built-in memory stick readers and Web cams, optical drives, wireless networking, and 14-inch or larger displays. Youll pay a little bit of a premium to get this number of features in a compact, lightweight package, but busy professionalsespecially people who travel a lotwill find the investment is well worth it.

The Gamer
If youre a game player, you are among the trickiest of laptop users. Games require a large amount of storage space, significant processing power, and the ability to render complicated graphics swiftly. Till just recently, this much power was simply unavailable in a cartable machine, but times have moved on : Youll lay out extra for them, but gaming-oriented computers now pack 4 to 6GB of memory and can include heavyduty processors running at speeds of 2GHz or more. Boasting 500GB or more of disk drive space and including worldclass graphic cards, these small powerhouses can serve as your primary game system and never miss a beat or skip a frame.

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